Managing the employment relationship

Sickness and absence

We are highly experienced in advising employers in relation to sickness absence including the management of long-term ill health or chronic sickness absence. This can often include consideration of whether an illness is considered a disability and what reasonable adjustments can be made. We also regularly provide advice in relation to how an employer should deal with an employee whom they suspect of malingering. 

Performance, conduct, disciplinary and grievance

Issues of performance or misconduct can result in performance improvement plans, disciplinaries, grievances and ultimately claims in the Employment Tribunal depending on the situation. 

The best way to protect your business from claims is to follow a carefully tailored plan dependent on the facts surrounding the particular employee and keep to the plan whatever the employee throws at you. We regularly advise on such situations and can steer you through a performance, disciplinary or grievance process in order to minimise the risks of litigation.

Flexible working 

As if it wasn’t already apparent that working practices are changing, the Covid-19 pandemic has sped up this change and many employers are adopting hybrid working practices. As more employees are now able to demonstrate that they are able to do their job from home, there will likely be a rise in requests for flexible working. We can advise on such requests and how to manage the employee relationship in the face of such a request and/or in light of different working practices moving forward. 

Diversity, equality and gender pay gap reporting

The spotlight is being shone more than ever on workplace pay, how and why the levels of pay differ between those of a certain gender or ethnicity. We regularly advise businesses on gender pay gap reporting and other equality and diversity issues. For example, having a comprehensive diversity and inclusivity policy not only fosters a culture of inclusion in the workplace, but is expected now from employers. We can work alongside you to draft these policies and ensure they are kept up to date and provide training on these policies and the broader issues.